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YouTube stands by Content ID system as is

YouTube has reached out to users to explain its new and highly unpopular Content ID copyright claim system, and despite complaints from creators and rights holders alike, has not budged from its original position.

In an email to users published by Kotaku, YouTube failed to address criticisms from the community.

"Know that we love what you do. We've worked hard to design Content ID and other tools to give everyone - from individual creators to media companies - the opportunity to make great videos and earn money. As YouTube grows, we want to make sure we're providing the right product features to ensure that everyone continues to thrive," the service said.

YouTube linked users to a page for disputing copyright claims, and suggested users try switching off the music in games to avoid triggering auto-claims from music license holders.

The Content ID system has produced a significant number of false positives, with creators finding their income slashed by erroneous reports, and little in the way of support to remove the false claims. Publishers and developers have spoken out strongly against the new system.

Developers may be waiving their rights by supporting YouTube creators, a lawyer has warned.

Thanks, GamesIndustry.

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