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You can still find many listings of PS4s with Silent Hills P.T. on eBay

Despite reports of eBay cracking down on all those listings of PlayStation 4s with P.T., the number of users selling them have actually gone up.


We reported last week that a few users on eBay had decided to sell their PS4 consoles loaded with P.T. for upwards of £1000. Following that, Kotaku reported that the US end of eBay has begun removing similar listings due to them violating eBay's policy.

Another quick search with the words "P.T. playstation 4" still returns a number of results. That's on both UK and US marketplaces.



Something I found interesting is how some of these sellers are advertising other games with the bundle, perhaps as a way of avoiding eBay's bots.

Whether or not these will be removed, remains to be seen. Regardless of your interest in P.T., it's hard not to argue that Konami's decision created a state of artificial scarcity of a digital product. This is the first - at least major - such case, and as we're still trying to parse the repercussions of all of this, perhaps so is eBay.

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