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Yoshida: We want 360 to succeed in Japan

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Speaking to EG at TGS, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida's said the firm wants 360 to do well in Japan as success for the opposition will help switch the Japanese public onto HD gaming.

"I like to see people here in Japan showing interest in high-definition gaming and more sophisticated gaming experiences," he said.

"In terms of realistic-looking graphics and smarter AI, they haven't really shown the appetite for what this generation of gaming can offer. I'd really like to see both PS3 and 360 succeed here.

"What Microsoft is offering and what we are offering are closer, compared to what other platforms are offering. Because of that commonality, the new games coming out on 360 and PS3 help to get consumers more interested in this generation of gaming."

There's a full interview through the link. Thanks, GI.

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