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Yoshida: PSP negligence is "really, really disappointing"

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Speaking to IGN at Games Convention, Sony Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida's admitted he's not happy at the lack of PSP games on the horizon.

"Yeah, it's really, really disappointing and it's a lost opportunity for the third-parties," he said.

"They should look at what the PSP can do for their titles and the potential for the business that their IP has."

Leading from the front is the way forward, said the exec.

"We have to show by examples," he added. "What's happening in Japan is interesting - because of the massive success of Monster Hunter, Japanese publishers realise, 'here's a resource'.

"Lots of people are playing PSP in groups of fours and when you go to Japan it's hard to find a train or a bar where you don't see some people playing a PSP. So other publishers in Japan are seeing these consumers, and thinking, 'Wow, we can make games for those consumers'."

Loads more through there.

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