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Yakuza: Ishin's "Another Life" mode detailed, cross-play & more confirmed

Yakuza: Ishin's website has been updated by Sega, revealing a new, quite peaceful mode called "Another Life", cross-play features and more.

The official site is displayed in Japanese, but Gematsu has summarised the details in English for your reading pleasure.

The short version is that the mode takes place at Ryoma Sakamoto’s home in the countryside where he and his female companion Haru life a peaceful life tending to pets, cooking, growing crops and furthering their relationship. It's a far cry from the violence and stress of the core game's plot.

Another life's plot sees Haru's parents killed, leaving her with a significant debt that Ryoma offers to help with. They live together in Ryoma's home and together they settle down to set things right. Crops can be sold to recoup the money, meals can be cooked and farm work must be tended to.

This mini-game, along with the Battle Dungeon and other modes from the PS3 and PS4 edition can be enjoyed using cross-play on PS Vita. You can also play online games of poker, mahjong, shogi on the handheld., each with player rankings.

The core game's battle system has been expanded to allow for greater expression using Battle Style. You can combined katana, pistols, spears, long swords, cannons, and your fists to mess up fools in combat. There is also an expanded weapon crafting system, weapon enhancments via mini-games, and the option to level up the blacksmith, which unlocks more upgrades.

Finally, the Battle Dungeon mode sees Ryoma fighting enemies alongside Shinsengumi. By unlocking and carrying special cards, players can unleash new abilities in the heat of battle, acquire rare items and more.

What do you make of the above? Are you hoping for a Western localisation? Let us know below.

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