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Xbox Series X hardware will power xCloud servers next year - report

Microsoft is reportedly already planning for Xbox One S hardware not to stick around too long in xCloud's servers.

According to The Verge's Tom Warren, Microsoft will make Xbox Series X the default, baseline hardware spec for its streaming service Project xCloud.

Though the service has only ever been available through limited tests, Xbox One S is currently the console powering those games. The jump from that to Xbox Series X would be massive, and it's going to happen in 2021, according to Warren.

The tech journalist also revealed that xCloud will launch sometime this year using existing Xbox One S hardware. He reckons Microsoft will be bundling it with Xbox Game Pass in some way.

This decision will not only allow xCloud to run next-gen games, it also means backwards compatible titles from Xbox's vast library will look and play their best. Taking a look at how Xbox Series X compares to Xbox One X should give you an idea about how big of a gain this would be.

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