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Xbox One users will be able to DVR TV shows later this year - report

Xbox One users will be able to use a DVR feature later this year to record TV programs, according to a new tech report.

Sources speaking with tech blogger Paul Thurrott confirmed Microsoft would offer a replacement for the aging Windows Media Center on Windows 10 with a a new playback feature later in the year.

The information was subsequently confirmed by Microsoft’s Gabe Aul on Twitter.

"We can confirm that due to decreased usage, Windows Media Center will not be part of Windows 10," he tweeted. "If you have WMC now, we’ll have a DVD option for you in an update later this year."

Windows Media Center was used by many to record and watch TV shows on PC in the living room, and sources told Thurrott Microsoft would start offering DVR capabilities using Xbox One.

The console currently allows users to DVR gameplay and use the platform to watch TV but not record programming for later viewing. This will change at some point, but a launch date was not provided by his source.

Thanks, Polygon.

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