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Xbox One sets new Australian sales record - report

Xbox One came out in 13 territories including Australia on November 23 and according to this report, it's the country's fastest-selling console.

The report suggests that Xbox One is the fastest selling console in Australia to date. The Australian Financial Review sourced the information from an NPD Group report, saying the console has sold 65,917 units in the first three days, which is more than double that of the Wii launch in 2006, the previous record holder. Unsurprisingly both consoles are also on track to outsell their predecessors along with the WiiU.

Sony would not provide sales numbers for PlayStation 4 in Australia. However Sources close to the Financial Review told the publication that Sony's sales has fell short of Microsoft's across the same period during their respective launch weeks. The reason is stated to be Sony's inability to ship enough consoles to meet the demand. Sony has said to expect shortages while the firm tries fulfil pre-orders before Christmas.

Michael Ephraim, the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, commented about the shortage saying, "It’s been overwhelming, I’ve been around since PlayStation One and we still haven’t seen the kind of demand we’re seeing now for PS4.

"The first weekend sales figures is just the beginning because we haven’t fulfilled all the pre-orders yet. We haven’t been able to completely fulfil the demand as yet but we will. ­Hopefully consumers can buy one," he added.

Worldwide, Xbox one has sold through over 1 million units, while PlayStation 4 has sold through 2.1 million units so far.

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