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Xbox One & PS4: hardcore gamers will buy both consoles in the end - Désilets

Xbox One and PS4 will both be bought by hardcore gamers despite the differences between each format, according to former Ubisoft employee Patrice Désilets. The developer has given a new interview, in which he discusses the Xbox One reveal, the switch to a digital-only landscape and more.

Speaking with, Désilets said that he perhaps needed to explain himself a little better, following last week's statement that no one cares about the loss of physical media.

"I probably need to explain myself a bit more, because there was a big reaction about the digital part," he began, and added that he was having a "little wink" at Microsoft's DRM policy reversal in the process.

"I was having a wink at that," he continued. "But, honestly, I never actually put a date on the future. I didn't say, 'in two years it's all going to be digital, or in five years.' I just think, 'come on, guys, the future is going to be digital.' And maybe right now we don't fully understand it, so we don't know how to communicate what digital is and how it will actually work.

"But I was a bit like, 'Really?' It's all going to be digital, and we're already halfway through it. That's why I took the CD as an example. I know some people still buy CDs and vinyl, but nobody's yelling at Apple because of iTunes. I just find that a bit hypocritical. Just a little bit.

"Because Microsoft was trying to do something [different], and yes the message wasn't the best one, and it wasn't delivered the best way, but in the end I think people will buy most games on PSN on PlayStation 4 and Xbox Live on Xbox One."

Désilets added that Microsoft's 24-hour check-in policy was communicated poorly, and stated, "The problem is the message, and how to deliver the message. They focused on the wrong stuff. They didn't have to mention that you needed an internet connection every 24 hours. They didn't have to do that."

In the end however, now that Microsoft has reversed its policies Désilets believes that hardcore gamers will pick up both PS4 and Xbox One regardless, and added, "And a lot of those people - the hardcore gamers - will buy both consoles in the end anyway."

Are you what Désilets refers to as a 'hardcore gamer'? Will you buy both consoles? Let us know below.

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