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Xbox One: Microsoft is reportedly banning users from using Skype and Upload Studio for swearing

Xbox One gives you the ability to record your voice to accompany a gameplay clip and upload it to Xbox Live using Upload Studio, and it appears that multiple users have been temporarily banned for swearing in those clips.

Polygon has collated a set of reports from various places, such as the Xbox forums and a Reddit thread suggesting that users were banned for uploading gameplay clips in which they use profanity, it is unclear what is considered profanity. The banned users are unable to use Upload Studio or upload any clips they captured.

Microsoft appears to have lifted the ban for one user on Reddit by the name of MakVolci, he said, " Okay I got a hold of a Microsoft representative. They've told me that my standing is "good" and don't see an issue with my account - I'm in 'good standing'." He later added, " I hopped on Upload Studio about twenty minutes ago and tried it out. It is now working for me, and I was successfully able to upload my Kinect footage and DVR footage to both Xbox and SkyDrive. It appears as though the Upload Studio suspension is a 24 hour suspension, as I believe it was for me."

One Twitter user is reporting that he's not able to use Skype for swearing in a private call, and receiving the following message:

Users who have been banned for using profanity in their Upload Studio clips are also reportedly being banned from using Skype. Polygon has reached to Microsoft for a comment.

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