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Xbox One February preview update adds transparent tiles, game hubs and more

The February system update for Xbox One has entered its preview period bringing with it some new additions and improvements.


The update is currently available only to members of the preview program, and will be later deployed to everyone else once testing is concluded.

We've got the full list of changes below, but the highlight is the new Game Hub feature. Game Hubs are available for every game and feature content relating to that game, such as user streams, edited videos, game-specific leaderboards and more. Transparent tiles have also been added to complement the screenshots users use as their backgrounds.

Game hubs

  • New in preview this month, game hubs are the go-to centers for all sorts of interesting content around your favorite games. Every Xbox One game will have a game hub where you can see which of your friends are playing the game, compete with your friends in game leaderboards, dive into the coolest game clips and game broadcasts, and follow the game’s VIPs and top players

To get to the game hub for your favourite game, find a game in your pins, recently played list, or My games and apps, then press the Menu button and select View game hub. You can also search for any game in the Xbox Store and click on the game hub tile from the game’s store page.

Custom backgrounds and tile transparency

  • We listened to your feedback and added additional tile transparency to the Home tiles to make your background images more visible. As a reminder, to set a custom background, go to Settings > My Xbox > My background. Note: some items can’t be made transparent due to usage rights/restrictions for certain images

TV updates

We’re releasing a lot of updates to the live TV experience and features are being released to additional countries in preview this month:

  • OneGuide for the Netherlands: Support for OneGuide will continue in preview for the Netherlands and the missing channels for the Netherlands OneGuide listings will become available over the next few weeks
  • TV trending in OneGuide: As you scan the detailed OneGuide TV listings, you can see which shows are trending by a “Trending on Xbox” note and associated icon. Xbox – live TV trending is based on the number of Xbox One owners currently watching that show in each country, pulled from anonymous data collected at a national level. Currently, Xbox TV trending is available to all members in the U.S., UK and Canada
  • Live TV trending: France, Germany, Brazil and Mexico will begin seeing live TV trending data in Xbox OneGuide(new countries)
  • Improved control of TVs, set-top boxes and audio/video receivers: Xbox One will work even better with more devices. This month’s preview release contains updates to the IR blasting database for new models and addresses issues reported by our fan community.
  • “Trick play” with Xbox One Digital TV Tuner: Preview members with the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in supported countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) will now be able to see video frames when fast-forwarding or rewinding paused TV on your Xbox One consoles
  • Live TV streaming on Windows Phone and Android: We are continuing the preview of live TV streaming on Windows Phone and Android devices for Xbox One Digital TV Tuner owners in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain

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