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Xbox One exclusive fitness game Shape Up debuts at Ubisoft's E3 2014 conference

Shape Up is a newly-announced fitness game from Ubisoft that aims to actually be fun to play, as opposed to something of a chore you do grudgingly because it’s that or succumb to hypertension.


During its E3 2014 conference, Ubisoft showed off a couple of challenges from the game, such as a push up race - the player characters on screen were burdened by bigger and more impressive objects on their backs, and it genuinely looked kind of fun.

A cardio demo was also shown and did not look easy - hopefully there’ll be some intro challenges for certain out-of-shape games journalists.

The Xbox One exclusive uses Kinect, so, well. I hope you have one, now that Microsoft has dropped the mandatory thing.

Look at some videos. With your eyeballs. VIDEO GAMES.


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