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Xbox One August update adds remote purchases, automatic download

The Xbox One August update rolls out next week for those with early access to the system update, and among the new features added is the ability to purchase games and add-on content remotely using Xbox SmartGlass or through

Once purchased, the content will automatically download the content if the Xbox One console is set to automatically take updates. This way, when you get home, the content should be waiting for you.

Other updates include a number of social features such as activity feed updates and an expanded friends area on Home. The friends list will also show how long since a friend has been online, and notes what game they were playing.

A low battery notification which lets you know when you controller battery is getting low is included, as is the ability to disable notifications during video.

An update to the Blu-ray player app will enable 3D Blu-ray functionality on Xbox One and OneGuide is being enabled in Austria, Brazil, Ireland and Mexico. There is also a OneGuide Issue Reporter available under the TV & OneGuide settings, Troubleshooting section.

You can read up on more details regarding the August update through Xbox Wire.

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