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Affordable next-gen Xbox, Lockhart, may be less powerful than Xbox One X in teraflops - report

Xbox Lockhart is reportedly not as powerful as Xbox One X, but it may not matter.

Microsoft is reportedly planning a two-console strategy for next-gen. We've heard this before, of course, with recent reports suggesting the second console to have always been in development.

The Xbox Scarlett family of devices will encompass Anaconda, the most powerful, premier option, and Lockhart, the cheaper, reportedly disc-less console. According to a new report from Windows Central, Anaconda is targeting 12 teraflops, whereas Lockhart has a more modest target of just 4 teraflops.

This puts Lockhart behind Xbox One X (6TF) at raw power, but as the site notes, these numbers don't tell the whole story. Windows Central believes both units will utilises an eight-core CPU running at 3.5GHz, with slight differences in clock speeds between them.

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Despite the power disparity between Xbox One X and Lockhart, the latter should perform better in real-world scenarios thanks to its improved architecture and more optimised dev tools.

Anaconda is said to have 16GB of ram, 3GB of which will be reserved for the OS, leaving the rest to be used by games. With Anaconda, Microsoft is targeting a four to five times performance jump over Xbox One X.

It's not clear how big the ram pool is going to be for Lockhart, but both consoles will use propriety NVMe SSD drives, which, assuming they're fast enough, could be used as virtual RAM. That's about what the report reveals, but it's fairly in line with some of the recently leaked information.

Microsoft is launching Scarlett in holiday 2020, with more details about its plans to be revealed next year.

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