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Xbox Game Pass hits 18 million as Xbox hardware sets record sales for Microsoft

Microsoft's gaming division has had one of its best quarters ever.

Microsoft has revealed the financial results for its second quarter of FY21 (ended December 31). Gaming revenue, which encompasses Xbox and PC gaming, brought in $5 billion for the first time, a 51% growth.

This was the result of a number of factors, including a new record for Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service now boasts 18 million members, up from 15 million in September last year. Xbox Live likewise saw plenty of activity, and it now has over 100 million monthly active users across all devices.

Xbox hardware remains in very high demand, thanks to the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S. Xbox hardware alone grew by 86%. The two consoles combined sold more than any other Xbox console in Microsoft history at launch. While Microsoft continues to work on making more of them, CFO Amy Hood said supply will be constrained until the end of the quarter (March 31).

Of the $5 billion revenue the gaming division made, $2 billion came from third-party, meaning games sold on Xbox platforms and services.

Looking ahead, Microsoft expects the next quarter to also see growth of around 40% in the gaming division, with 20% in services and content.

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