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Xbox February update hits Xbox One tomorrow, Windows 10 today

New features for the Xbox app on Windows 10 starting rolling out today, and Xbox One users can expect the update to land on their console tomorrow.


Social features such as the ability to see who’s in a Party on Xbox One before joining and improvements to suggested friends are just two of the highlights.

Here's what to expect on Xbox One:

See who’s in a Party: When you click on a friend who is in a Party from the friend tab of the guide, you’ll be able to see who else they’re playing with.

Gamerscore Leaderboard: On Xbox One, from your profile in the guide, click My achievements and the restored Gamerscore Leaderboard will display.

Re-arrange Pins on Home and access them offline: You will now be able to rearrange individual pins. Just press ‘Y’ on a pinned item and, once it blinks, you can move it around.

Updating Activity Feed: Your Activity Feed on Xbox One will inform you when there are new items in your feed.

Hide games from ‘ready-to-install’ list: Re-enabled the ability to hide content like betas, trials, games, and apps that they no longer want to install.

‘Use a code’ shortcut in the Xbox One Store: Redeem 5×5 codes quicker while on your Xbox One console by tabbing over to the Store and using the new ‘Use a code’ shortcut.

Joinable Twitch Broadcasts: Game Hubs as well as the game tile will allow you to easily launch broadcasts if friends are broadcasting.

Improvements to Suggested Friends: The new Friend Suggestions area is located in Community and the Friends list in the Guide on Xbox One.

Program the hotkeys on the Chatpad: Makes it easier for to access favorite apps with the Xbox Chatpad. This month’s release includes an interface which the X1 and X2 functions on the Chatpad keypad to be set.

Updates coming to both Xbox One and the Xbox app:

Avatar Store: On the console, the Store is built right into the Xbox Avatars app and on Windows 10 PCs and phones, access the Store through the Xbox Avatars app.

Xbox News: Xbox News is a one-stop source for all the latest information about new hardware, console updates, game releases, tournaments like the Halo World Championship, breaking entertainment content, and more.

Xbox Accessories App: New updates to the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One and Windows 10 make adjusting the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller easier. We’ve made improvements to the thumbstick adjustments by allowing users to change the intensity of each sensitivity curve, and also made trigger and vibration settings more visually intuitive.

Improvements to Trending: Across Xbox One and the Xbox app, a new access point for Trending items is now located to the right of the Community tab on the console and in the left menu area of the Xbox app.

Suggested friends: On both Xbox One and the Xbox app, we’re making it easier to get details on suggested friends.

For the Xbox app specifically, this month’s release includes Compact Mode, where additional functions have been moved to enable users to quickly switch between friends’ view, party, messages, and activity alerts.

More details are available over on Major Nelson's Blog.

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