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Xbox controller's new double tap feature will make it easier to switch between devices

Currently being tested by Insiders.

Soon, more Xbox controllers will make use of the double tap feature to switch between devices using the pair button.

This feature was previously available only on Xbox Series X/S controllers.

As demonstrated by James Shield, senior product planner at Xbox, the ability to switch devices easier is coming via an update to Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth, Elite Series 2, and the Adaptive Controller.

Double tapping the button will make it much easier to switch between devices such as console, PC, and mobile.

As it stands now, for example, you can switch between your PC and Xbox by holding down the connect button while on PC and then double tap it to switch back to Xbox. But the new way simplifies things by providing one method instead of two. Plus, it brings it to older controllers that didn't include the feature.

The feature started rolling out to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users via a firmware update last week.

Here's a look at the new functionality in action:

With the firmware update, Microsoft said the controller now support Bluetooth Low Energy, which delivers better compatibility across devices and allows for better pairing experiences. Once it is installed, the firmware will allow controllers to remember one Bluetooth host and one Xbox Wireless host.

The firmware update also brings Dynamic Latency Input along for the ride. This makes for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instantaneous action with reduced latency.

Microsoft didn't say when the firmware will be rolled out to all Xbox users, but we expect it will be soon.

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