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Xbox cloud gaming and remote play arrive on Windows 10 PCs

You can also stream Xbox Series X/S games to your PC.

New updates to the Xbox App on Windows 10 PCs now let you stream console games from the cloud or your console.

Microsoft has opened up a new way to play console games remotely on your Windows 10 or later PCs thanks to updates made to the Xbox app. This includes support for playing Xbox Game Pass games from the cloud and playing games directly from your console with Xbox remote play.

With these new updates, you now can play some of your console titles on a wide range of PCs, even those that don’t have the specs required for certain PC titles. Streaming games through the Xbox App will also allow you to play a game without having to install it on your PC.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 22 countries can now play Game Pass games directly from the cloud in the Xbox App on Windows 10 PCs. Game Pass members have been participating in the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta via a browser on their phones, tablets, and PCs and now can reap all the benefits of gaming from the cloud directly from the Xbox app.

Playing from the cloud will allow you to continue playing a game you’ve been working through or to try out something completely new before deciding if you want to download it to your console.

To access games from the cloud on your Windows 10 PC, you will need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and a compatible controller such as an Xbox controller, Sony DualShock 4, Razer Kishi, or others. Once you open the Xbox App, you will then click the “cloud gaming” button, and select from the games in your Game Pass library to start playing right away.

Microsoft also added new features to help you get started, including information on the controller and network status, Game Bar integration, social features, and the ability to invite people, even those on the cloud, to join you in a game.

To learn more about cloud gaming, hit up the link.

Also, this is the first time the company has enabled Xbox Remote Play on PC for Xbox Series X/S owners. Microsoft also added additional upgrades from previous iterations of Remote Play, such as general stability updates, allowing for games to stream at 1080p up to 60fps, and added the ability to play select Xbox 360 and Xbox Original games, which has been a highly-requested feature.

Xbox Remote Play is available in all Xbox-supported countries and regions on Windows PC, Android phones and tablets, and iOS phones and tablets.

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