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World of Goo for iPhone finally coming soon, priced 99 cents for first day

The long awaited iPhone debut of World of Goo is finally coming to your flash drive. Developer 2D Boy posted up word on its blog that it's sent the iPhone version of its hit arcade puzzle game to the iPhone App Store for approval and to "expect it to be out soonish".

Pricing for the iPhone version will be $2.99, a pretty reasonable amount for such a great game.

However, for the first 24 hours after it goes on sale, World of Goo will be priced at just 99 cents. Also, if you bought the previously-released iPad version, you get the iPhone port for free.

Now the bad news, for some of you at least; the iPhone version of World of Goo will require a iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4 to play, so those of you still using older iPhones are out of luck.

The game will only work with a third gen iPod Touch or higher.

Thanks, Joystiq

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