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Wolfenstein 3D re-rated on Xbox Live & PSN, May 31st release date emerges

Wolfenstein 3D has been re-certified for Xbox 360 and PS3 by the ESRB, and has spawned a new Xbox Live Arcade page with a May 31st release date. Given the recent reveal of Wolfenstein: The New Order, it's certainly a curious thing.

Joystiq noticed that the game had been re-rated, and that the new Xbox Live Marketplace page shows the original Wolfenstein 3D box-art, but now with Bethesda listed as publisher instead of Activision.

This could just be an act of house-keeping, but the May 31st release date suggests something might be happening to celebrate the announcement of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The site followed up with Bethesda, and a rep replied saying, "No comment on that from Bethesda."

We'll keep our eyes peeled for further information.

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