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Witcher website countdown explained

Witcher dev CD Projekt RED has started a countdown on its official site. The timer will count down to the 8th Birthday of The Witcher Forums, and will trigger a series of clebrations involving fans. Aww, what a lovely bunch. More details below.

Once the countdown - see link below - runs out, the forum members who have been integral to the Witcher community over the years will be revealed, and will then be invited to join the studio in celebrating the anniversary.

In a statement to VG247, a studio rep said, "We are counting down to the 8th Birthday of The Witcher Forum and the event we prepared for our Polish fans in our HQ. We've always taken our communitiy's opinions seriously and we want to meet fans, who have been with us almost from the start of our work on The Witcher series. This is one of the ways we want to say "thank you guys for all your support!".

Here's the original story:

Original StoryThe Witcher series' Polish website has come over all enigmatic, with a long countdown timer and some mysterious in-lore quotes which auto-translate has thoroughly butchered. Fan speculation is hopeful for a new piece of DLC or expansion, but a series of badges underneath the timer seem to be linked to community member profiles, suggesting something related to the upcoming release of REDkit, CD Projekt RED's official mod tools.

Thanks, Ausgamers.

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