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Windows 10 won't run PC games with ageing DRM

Upgrading to Windows 10 may have some unfortunate consequences.


Windows 10 won't support games utilising DRM like SafeDisc and some versions of Securom, apparently.

The information comes from a Microsoft’s Boris Schneider-Johne, speaking in a Rocket Beans video interview form gamescom, as translated by Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

"Everything that ran in Windows 7 should also run in Windows 10. There are just two silly exceptions: antivirus software and stuff that’s deeply embedded into the system," Schneider-Johne said.

"And then there are old games on CD-Rom that have DRM. This DRM stuff is also deeply embedded in your system, and that’s where Windows 10 says 'sorry, we cannot allow that, because that would be a possible loophole for computer viruses.'

"That’s why there are a couple of games from 2003-2008 with Securom, etc. that simply don’t run without a no-CD patch or some such. We can just not support that if it’s a possible danger for our users. There are a couple of patches from developers already, and there is stuff like GOG where you’ll find versions of those games that work.”

Further investigation by, again translated by RPS, suggests SafeDisk, for one, won't be doing anything about the problem and has left it up to Microsoft to fix - and that seems unlikely given that SafeDisk itself is notoriously insecure.

DRM, eh? What a pain in the patootie. You may want to double check your disc-based PC games before you grab that free upgrade.

In other Windows 10 news, it knows when you've pirated Microsoft games and will shut you down. Got you coming and going, innit.

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