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Windows 10 Solitaire has ads you can pay to dismiss

Microsoft has put ads in the Windows 10 version of Solitaire. This is the spark that will fire our rebellion.


Windows Solitaire holds a special place in our hearts. Maybe it was the first game you ever played on a Windows machine. Maybe you learned to use a mouse with it. Maybe its constant inclusion in the basic OS package means it was the only game installed on your work or school PC, and you spent hundreds of hours procrastinating with it.

Solitaire has become such a part of the whole Windows experience, in fact, that we have come to take it for granted. Well, no more. Solitaire was a gift, and what Microsoft giveth, it can taketh away - as with Windows 8, which didn't include Solitaire, but instead offered it as an optional, freemium download.

Well, the good news is it's back in Windows 10 - but the bad news is the freemium nonsense has come with it. The Microsoft Solitaire Collection bundle comes pre-installed, but it'll set you back $1.50 per month or $10 per year to strip the ads off it.

This has made a lot of people pretty upset, judging by the state of my Twitter stream, but to be fair to Microsoft Windows 10 is currently free, and it is, you know, a business, and needs to make money somewhere. I'm certainly not going to stop loading up Solitaire while I wait for updates to install or download bars to fill (or essays to magically not need writing), because that would mean shedding decades of muscle memory.

Windows 10 is rolling out now. If you get on board you too can get upset about Solitaire.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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