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Will Wright announces formation of Syntertainment startup, John Riccitiello among investors

Will Wright has announced the formation of a new startup called Syntertainment, which will focus on blending "reality and entertainment." The firm was co-founded by Avi Bar-Zeev who will serve as CTO, CPO and acting CEO. A group of investors in the firm include former EA CEO John Riccitiello, the Mayfield Fund, Foursquare executive Dennis Crowley, and HVF founder Max Levchin with venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz handling the funding round.

According to Venture Beat, the new company has had $5 million in investment so far and some of its staff is made up of Wright's Stupid Fun Club - his previous startup.

Wright said the purpose behind the company "lives at the intersection of entertainment and reality," and while it is "not a huge, mega project," Wright said it is an "evolution" of his interests.

Bar-Zeev noted on his personal blog that the company is "developing an entirely new kind of game," telling Venture Beat that his contribution to the firm will be "on the tech side of things."

Neither he nor Wright would elaborate on what the first project from the company will entail.

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