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Wii U: hackers activate Wii Homebrew Channel

Wii U has been opened up a little by hackers. The group responsible for the Wii Homebrew Channel hack have created a Wii U version. Check out the details below.

One of the hack's creators posted on his group's blog, stating that their latest build of Wii Homebrew Channel works while the Wii U is in original Wii mode only, meaning that the Wii U side of Nintendo's console remains guarded for now.

The hack may give the group a backdoor to hacking Wii U proper, which could spell headaches for Nintendo.

Eurogamer reports that activation of the Wii Homebrew Channel on Wii U or Wii consoles invalidates the user's warranty. Nintendo has stressed this clause specifically, suggesting that it's prepared to fight hard to combat hacking attempts.

What's your view on this matter? Let us know below.

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