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Wii Sports presents "challenge" to Peter Moore, says Peter Moore

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EA Sports boss Peter Moore's said that the fact Wii owners gets Wii Sports bundled in with their console presents a difficulty to selling in more sports titles. Logically, he's correct.

“The challenge we face is that that consumer gets Wii Sports right out of the box and that’s a sports experience that’s good enough for a lot of people," Moore told MTV.

"That is a challenge for us at times."

Moore, though, in true character, is refusing to say die.

“We’re going to keep pounding away," he added. "We know what we were doing wrong. Tiger is EA’s number one selling game on the Wii period. Period.

“The bottom line is we knew what we weren’t doing right. We’ve corrected that. We’re seeing progress. Is it easy? No. Will we ever see attach rates for authentic sports games, for licensed sports games, on the Wii to the same we see on 360 or PS3? Probably not in this cycle. Are we going to see continued growth of both? Absolutely.”

More through there.

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