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What Non-Mario Level Maker Game Would You Like to See Happen?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Super Mario Maker 2 is out, so let's theorize what level maker game should come next!

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Super Mario Maker 2 is out! We can finally dust off our Nintendo Switches and break out those cute Mario Maker-themed styluses—wait, North America didn't get those? For shame.

For this week's Community Question, we thought it'd be fun to think about what other level creators we'd like to see. So let us know in the comments: What other level maker game would you like to see from a series that isn't Super Mario Bros.?

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Mike Williams, Reviews Editor

Yakuza Maker. I know that would probably be pretty complex and whatnot, but the addition of fairly robust quest creators, like Divinity: Original Sin 2 or the recently-released Assassin's Creed Odyssey Story Creator Mode tells me that it should be possible. Most of the fun of Yakuza games are the intriguing side stories that Kiryu or Yagami get into. Why not turn the power to make some of those side stories over to the players? Yes, there will be a lot of trash—there always is—but I think at least a large part of the community understands why Yakuza works so well. The main games have that mix of outlandish situations and real heart. I'd like to be believe mission creators understand that, and would potentially deliver missions that would slot right into the rest of the world Ryu Ga Gotaku Studio has created.

Eric Van Allen, News Editor

There are a lot of clever things I could put here, where games like Metroid or Zelda could open themselves up to really interesting new ways of re-imagining simple but effective mechanics. But honestly? I want a Phoenix Wright Maker.

I want to be able to import my own drawings or pictures, set up the text, place the clues, design the locales, and concoct the minigame interactions. I want to create endless, ridiculous murder mysteries (or even civil cases). I want to create a season of Columbo or Murder, She Wrote, inside the construct of Phoenix Wright. Let me recreate the pivotal scene of A Few Good Men, where I have to keep pressing Jack Nicholson until he breaks. I would legitimately lose days of my life to all the scenarios I would create in a Phoenix Wright Maker.

Caty McCarthy, Features Editor

Honestly, Eric and Mike's answers are way better than mine, but personally, I'd love a Tony Hawk Maker. Yes, level design creators have been in past entries in the series, but I'd love a modern Tony Hawk game that was basically just that, but way bigger. Give me weird ramp or rail customization. Let me make my own Downhill Jam, maybe more hellish though. This is all I want in the world. And let us import our own music too.

Also, for those that don't follow our crew on Twitter, yesterday was our dear news editor Matt Kim's last day. Today, I even nearly emailed him the Community Question on pure instinct, before I remembered he is no longer with us. I tweeted about the sad incident, to which he left his answer for this week's question. I've pasted it below. (He did not know what this week's CQ actually was, but bless his soul.)

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