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What Game Are You Playing Over the Long Labor Day Weekend?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | It's a three-day weekend for most people out there, and a lot of games came out this week.

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It's been a long week. Nadia, Mike, and Eric are running around PAX West in Seattle, and if you're there too, be sure to check out one of our panels! Meanwhile our brave leader, Kat, has been in the desert, completely off the grid. We pray for her safe return from vacation next week. Also, you may have noticed we inducted a new member to the USG team this week: please welcome our newest reporter Mat Olson!

A lot of games came out this week too. At the start of the week was Remedy's Control and Panache Digital Games' Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. Rolling into the rest of the week was PlatinumGames' Astral Chain, Supermassive's Man of Medan, and Bloober Team's Blair Witch. For the sake of us being so shorthanded with the home team, we kept Community Question low key this week. So sound off in the comments: What game will you be playing over Labor Day weekend?

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Caty McCarthy, Features Editor

Personally, I just picked up Wilmot's Warehouse, which I'm excited to dive into over the weekend. I also started Devil May Cry 5 while I was laid out after some wisdom teeth extraction last week, thanks to it being on Xbox Game Pass, so I'll likely play more of that too. (In our work Slack, I said it was "fine," which made Mike very angry. Sorry Mike, I'm having a good time with it, but it's not exciting me!) Other than that, Control is very tempting (even if just for its art direction), though I didn't like the combat side of it when I demoed a few months ago. Who knows, maybe it's better in the full game!

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