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Weekly MMO news round-up: Formula One MMO, SWTOR dev diary, loads of WoW stuff


E3 is almost upon us so there is bound to be some new MMO announced or a bit of decent enough MMO news coming out of the event by this time next week, so expect this post to either be thicker - or thinner. Depends on how huge the news was to begin with when it hits.

This week, there is more of the usual. Screens, dev diaries, class changes, new quests being added. World of Warcraft had the most bit of news though, and even if it wasn't earth-shattering, it was still a bunch.

Read on after the break for your fix.

  • GamersFirst has announced it debut Victory: The Age of Racing at E3 next week, and it's a 1960's style Formula One MMO. Victory is based on quick competitions giving experience points to increase the cars characteristics and ascetic appeal with full customization and many different combinations are possible. More through TenTonHammer.
  • Hey Second Lifers - Linden Lab has announced that Homestead simulators owned before July 1, 2009 will continue to cost $95 instead of $125 when the rise in cost goes into effect Jul 1, 2010. We don't play it, therefore we don't really understand what is being said, but Massively knows all about it. Go pay 'em a visit.
  • NCsoft has released a new dev diary for Gracia Final, and it talks about the changesto to Lineage II:Chaotic Throne. The update includes a brand new continent, refined PvP, expanded clan features, territory wars, and more. It's also suppose to be a bit easier. Read for yourself.
  • EverQuest II is getting a big update soon, and over on EQ2 Traders Corner, the site talks about the upcoming changes to crafting. Best part talks about the hex dolls. Everyone loves a hex doll. Poke.
  • BioWare has posted a developer diary taking you through the Republic Trooper class for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Check out the different looks, animations, and what went into the motion capture sessions. Fun times.
  • Frogster has announced details on patch 1.7 that will bring about the "Return of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom". Hitting June 3, the game will be on hand at E3 this year, and so far has exceeded one million registered users. When the game update hits, there will be new dungeons for levels 35-40, a new area for level 50 players, elite skills for levels 40 and 45 and permanent pets. The press release is a bit long, so we won't post it. Just check out the site instead.
  • NCsoft announced that Issue 15: Anniversary, the next content update for City of Heroes, is officially in beta on the Training Room. Issue 15 revives the villain group, The 5th Column and Heroes and Villains can both uncover truth as they participate in Task Force or a sinister Strike Force Mission.
  • Massively has five new shots of Champions Online. Interested in the game? Then go have a look-see.
  • Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent has officially gone into open Beta and Atlus will give one Beta participant a special prize. A pair of steampunk goggles. Who wouldn't want a pair of those?
  • Titan Online is in their open beta and on June 1 the game will host an event unveiling of the cash shop where players can win some cool in-game items and T-Cash to spend in the game. More can be found on the official site.
  • Mog Tablets of King Kupofried is now an official and permanent part of Final Fantasy XI. Looks like it did well enough for the devs to keep in the game. Good for everyone who plays. More through Massively. Also, you can bring inactive characters back to life now.
  • So much going on with WoW, we will cut to the chase.Blizzard is looking for player input on community Q&A series on classes, Druids are getting a makeover, Blizzard has added the WoW Account merge feature on their European accounts, and finally, WoW China transition will cause downtime and maybe user declines. Shew.
  • Lord of the Rings Online is getting Book 8 and to get you ready for it,Turbine has released a guide on Destiny points, and Massively has got loads of new shots of the upcoming game update. MMORPG has a nice piece on Surviving the North Downs, where if we are being honest, can net you tons of silver if you are good enough.
  • EVE Online knows how many ships have been destroyed, so in the latest dev blog they show the data and reveal the numbers. Hope you like graphs.
  • Atlantica Online is headed to Thailand. Wish we were too. It looks rather cool. In less than a year Atlantica Online has successfully expanded from Korea into North America, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and now Thailand. The game is in open beta in mainland China as well.

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