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Watch the launch trailer for Kickstarter funded thriller Sunset

Sunset is a narrative driven thriller set against the backdrop of a revolution in the 1970s, viewed from the peaceful sanctum of a penthouse apartment.

Inspired by the likes of Gone Home and Dear Esther, Sunset lets you play out the life of housekeeper Angela Burnes during her weekly visit to the penthouse apartment of Gabriel Ortega in the hour before sunset.

You can choose to carry out your cleaning duties, or throw caution to the wind to have a good old nose in his belongings, and even develop a relationship with him through notes and various other actions available. Whether it turns hostile or more intimate is up to you.

All the while, the war rages on, and as you can see from the trailer, opportunities will pop up for Angela to use what she finds to help the revolutionaries.

I'm not usually a fan of these types of 'narrative experiences', but Sunset has me intrigued. If it piques your interest, you can find out more about it on Tale of Tales' official website or the Kickstarter page.

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