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Warner likely new Midway owner after being sole bidder


Warner Bros. became the lone bidder for Midway this past Wednesday, reports the LA Times.

"No other bids came in, so there's not going to be an auction," said Geoff Mogiln, a spokesman for Midway.

Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter, Joust, Wheelman and other Midway properties are part of the deal with Warner, along with two of development studios. Two other studios and the rest of the company's assets are still up for sale.

There are still some hurdles to cross before Warner can plunk its $33 million down for the company. One such hurdle happens to be legal issues surrounding a contract dispute over Vin Diesel's image and voice  in Wheelman.

The next court date is July 1, so more news about the merger is expected then.

Via IGN.

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