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War Z dev: 'we don’t mind being compared to DayZ'

The War Z's executive producer Sergey Titov has shared with VG247 his thoughts on his team's zombie survival game being compared to Dean Hall's DayZ mod. The game has come under some criticism for closely following Hall's title, but the developer has argued that both games can happily co-exist in the same space.

As part of an incoming VG247 interview, Titov explained his view on criticisms levied at The War Z developer Hammerpoint Interactive, "We don’t mind being compared to DayZ at all – in fact we are fans of the mod. Ultimately, we hope that gamers will end up playing both The War Z and the DayZ standalone."

"It’s difficult to compare at the moment, but, though there are similarities, we tried to create a game that was a little bit easier to access and play, and that would allow players to be creative and create their own scenarios."

"We aren’t looking to be better than or displace DayZ at all – there is definitely room for two great games in the same genre and we think that the gaming audience will agree."

The War Z will be going into beta at the end of October and VG247 will be covering the event to find out how the game handles and just how closely it does ape DayZ. Stay tuned.

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