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WAR class to get the chop

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Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has told Eurogamer that one of the four classes yet to be included in the game will be culled for good.

"Well, one of them we hope to put back in," he said. "I can't tell you which yet, that's a surprise. We're probably going to be replacing one and putting in another class in its place. But we'll be talking about that in a few months.

"When we cut them out, one of the things we said is that if we can't make those classes great we're not putting them back in, and one of the careers we just couldn't get great," he explained.

"We're not going to put it in just so we can go 'see guys, we put it back in'. If it's not great, it doesn't belong in the game."

Mythic announced that two of the cut classes would be re-entering the game in December.

By Mike Bowden

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