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Viva Piñata to get jukebox for Christmas

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Rare popped over an email this afternoon with details of a jukebox you're going to be able to stick in your Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise garden for the festive season.

All you have to do is scan the Piñata card you'll find after the break with your Vision camera and you could be on the way to fame and glory.

There's more! See, in Rare's words:

  • The Piñata Vision Jukebox card lets the player place the romance dance jukebox in their own garden.
  • Special Piñata Vision cards allow the player to add tracks to the jukebox’s playlist in exchange for chocolate coins. These are then played in the garden in place of the usual ambient music.
  • When the Christmas Top-Ten Romance Dance Poll closes on December 10th, we’ll do a Top-Ten countdown, releasing the appropriate Piñata Vision card for each romance dance. One card will be released each day.
  • We’ll also be releasing other exclusive cards throughout December.
  • We intend to write this up as news on the website as well.

So do it. Go on.

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