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Vita "sinking," don't expect news on Xbox One or PS4 pricing, used game policies at E3 - analyst

Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz has said in an investor's note not to expect either Microsoft or Sony to discuss used games policies for each respective console during E3 next week.

According to the analyst, he expects both to focus entirely on video games coming to PS4 and Xbox One - nor does he expect a price to be announced.

He also expects Sony to announced some sort of new pricing scheme for Vita, a system he said is "sinking".

"We do not think that [Vita] integration with the PS4 will be sufficient to drive an uptick in sales for the device," Creutz said. Thus, we would not be surprised to see Sony try a soft relaunch of the device beginning at E3, potentially including a different form factor and/or lower pricing.

"For Sony at E3, the challenge will be how to differentiate the PS4 from what Microsoft is offering, given how badly the PS3 has lagged the 360 in Western markets.

"We doubt either Microsoft or Sony will address pricing for current- or next-gen consoles at E3, though we do think there is a chance that Nintendo could announce a (badly needed, in our opinion) price cut for the Wii U in an attempt to steal some thunder.

"We also don't expect to hear any official word on what the used-game policy will be on next-gen consoles.

"For Microsoft, the key will be to strongly reach out to the core gamer audience given that its early messaging has been more focused on the Xbox One's capabilities as an all-around media device.

"While we believe a mass market strategy is the correct approach for the long term, Microsoft still needs the gamer crowd to show up on launch day to ensure it keeps the positive momentum it has gained through the latter years of the 360's life cycle."

Microsoft will host its E3 press conference on Monday, June 10, 9.30am PDT/12.30pm EDT and Sony's will follow at 6.00pm PDT/9.00pm EDT.

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