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VG247's best games ever podcast LIVE at EGX

In which we argue on stage about what constitutes a pie while several people look on bewildered.

^Stay tuned for the video version of our live podcast - straight from the EGX theatre!

What is the best game where you get to eat pie?

Because it's the opening line of our theme tune, it's the first question anyone ever heard asked on our acclaimed Best Games Ever podcast: a five star rated show which some critics have described as "safe as badgers" and "short running time".

So we decided to ask it for our first ever live podcast, recorded at EGX London earlier this year, with an open mic for members of the audience to chime in with their suggestions. After several arguments about Breath of the Wild, and whether or not pizza constitutes a pie, one member of the audience stepped up and made such a perfect suggestion that they won a prize and our eternal gratitude.

vg247 live podcast
We enjoyed ourselves, as Chris Bratt would have had he not cruelly snubbed us yet again.

We'd like to thank everyone who showed up, it was truly special to see those seats with actual people in them, and we loved how enthusiastic everyone was about taking part.

Please do let us know what you think of the show – and if this is your first time listening, do go back to listen to the previous episodes. If you’ve got suggestions for topics, we’d love to hear them, so please comment below or tweet them at us.

The best game where you get to eat pie, according to the panel

The best suggestions came from the audience, but this is what our staff picked, the idiots:

Tom - Breath of the Wild

Watch on YouTube

Tom reckons Breath of the Wild is one of the best games of all time, and you can cook and eat pies in it. I can't actually fault him on this, but I do like mugging him off, so it didn't win.

Connor - Spider-Man 2

Watch on YouTube

Connor entered this on the basis of a pizza delivery mini-game, running immediately into two semantic but fatal flaws: firstly, distributing pie isn't the same as eating it. Secondly, pizza isn't pie (don't write in).

Donaldson - Dead Rising and or Final Fantasy (various)

Watch on YouTube

Of course Donaldson came out swinging with the weeb picks, and in fairness, both are brilliant pitches: Final Fantasy for it's delectable photorealistic pies that look scrumptious enough to make you lick the TV, and Dead Rising, where you not only get to eat pie but also brandish it as a weapon. On this basis, he won the for the panel.

Audience - Celeste

Watch on YouTube

But the audience won with Celeste, a beautiful retrovania platformer where you spend the entire game collecting strawberries which get baked into a big pie that everyone eats at the end. An insightful and prize-worthy suggestion!

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