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Valve: "Steam Dev Days" conference announced, will not invite press

Valve has announced 'Steam Dev Days', a two-day developer conference in Seattle this January. It aims to get creators together to share their collective knowledge and for talent to share their projects. It's an industry-only event.

To be fair, the last thing developers need when trying to 'get s**t done' is a bunch of us annoying writer-types tugging at their arms for an interview, so this makes sense.

The Steam Dev Days page is open now, and explains that the event will include roundtable discussions, and touch on industry topics like VR, user-generated content, Linux development and more.Attendees will also get a chance to test SteamOS, Steam machine prototypes and the Steam controller. Lucky sods.

It all takes place between January 15-16, 2014 in Valve's home of Seattle.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, you can check out Steam machine prototype specs here. Would you get one?

Via AusGamers.

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