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Valve buys two-man studio, opens San Francisco studio - Update

Valve's Doug Lombardi has clarified that the firm has indeed hired Star Filled Studios' Tod Semple and Jeff Gates by stating the following to Joystiq: "As a point of clarification, this is probably better categorized as Valve hiring two new employees instead of an acquisition of a company or opening of a Valve San Francisco office," he said.

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Valve has reportedly acquired two-man operation Star Filled Studios. Both team members have worked on such games as Diablo 3, Spore and Plants Vs Zombies, and Valve has allegedly appointed the them to launch and head up a new Valve studio in San Francisco. Get the details below.

Pinch of salt time ladies and gentlemen, but CVG reports that the rumour and news blog Valve Time has released information that suggests Gabe Newell's studio has cast its net further by acquiring Star Filled Studios.

The studio was founded by Jeff Gates and Tod Semple, and an update on Semple's own LinkedIn profile sheds light on Valve's acquisition, stating, "My recent startup was acquired by Valve and we are opening a new office on the San Francisco peninsula."

CVG adds that - if accurate - this acquisition will be Valve's first since the studio bought Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios in 2008.

We've asked Semple and Valve for clarification.

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