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Valheim Abomination spawn, weakness, and how to craft Root Armor

The root of the problem

Taking on the Valheim Abomination boss is the only way to get Root Armor, one of the newest additions to Iron Gate’s Norse survival sim.

The Abomination is a powerful foe, but you'll need to fight it plenty of times. Roote Armor takes plenty of Roots to craft, though it has some handy bonuses that make it worth your while.

Valheim Abomination spawn - Where to find the Abomination

The Abomination is a giant tree monster that calls the Swamp its home. You’ll potentially run into the Abomination anywhere in the Swamp biome, as it has no fixed abode. The Abomination tracks you and moves surprisingly fast for a gigantic tree, but you can use that to your advantage thanks to its one weakness.

Valheim Abomination weakness

The Abomination is weak to fire, and the Swamp happens to be full of fire geysers. Like most bosses, it’s also not a very bright monster, so you can lure it over a fire geyser to deal heavy damage, then step away and fire multiple arrows to chip away at its health.

“Chip away” is key here, since the Abomination is resistant to piercing damage. Still, it’s the best way to deal with it and stay alive. The Abomination’s attacks are all close-range moves, such as smacking you with a root or slamming a branch down, and they deal plenty of damage no matter what armor you’re wearing. Enduring and finishing the battle is worth your while, though, since it’s the only way to get Roots.

Crafting Root Armor in Valheim

It may come as a surprise, but you’ll need Roots to make Root Armor. It’s not the best armor set in Valheim, but it does give you a boost to your bow-and-arrow and has poison resistance. The armor set has three pieces:

  • Root Mask: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 4 Leather Scraps
  • Root Harnesk: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 2 Deer Hide
  • Root Leggings: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 2 Deer Hide

Each Abomination drops five roots, so plan on fighting the creature multiple times if you want the full set. Just mind how you go if you wear it back into the Swamp, though. Root Armor is weak to fire.

While the Root Armor might not be the best choice for Valheim’s other new content introduced in Hearth and Home, you can’t go wrong with the Crystal Battleaxe. It’s a good choice for dealing with Growths and getting plenty of tar for all your building needs, though that might change once Iron Gate shakes things up again with the Mistlands update.

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