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UKIE ups its game for start-ups and established businesses

UKIE has introduced a new strategy to better serve start-ups, independents and established businesses alike, the industry trade body's CEO, Jo Twist, has told MCV.

UKIE, the association for UK interactive entertainment, has outlined its plan to help progress the position of its members and bring new businesses into the fold.

The strategy encompasses three key areas:

  • The Industry Transition Programme: focused on helping established companies move into new areas of the industry by offering members increased analysis of marketplaces and consumer behaviour.
  • The Growth Ready Programme: concerned with helping smaller businesses and start-ups to flourish by providing information, documentation and advice on networking and knowledge sharing.
  • The Talent Development Programme: intent on instilling and nurturing industry skills in school children of all ages in conjunction with recommendations from the UKIE-backed Next-Gen Skills campaign.

The trade body is also establishing a Developers Manifesto in conjunction with Ian Livingstone.

UKIE CEO, Jo Twist, said of the new strategy, "We already do deliver a lot to existing members - through market research, lobbying and press work we do - but now we are really widening that out.

"I want to prove to micro businesses and developers in particular that we are here for them."

UKIE-backed PEGI ratings come into force as the UK's sole certification system from July 30.

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