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UK eSports needs investors, says Multiplay

Craig Fletcher, head of local eSports league Multiplay, says the UK needs more sponsors to foster its wealth of local talent and compete with other territories.

Fletcher told MCV that the UK eSports scene is bigger than people believe; he said Multiplay has handed over £500,000 in prizes over the last decade, including £30,000 at its last event alone.

“The prize money in the UK is on par with standard events over in the States. There is a thriving scene here. It’s just not getting as much attention and certainly not as much sponsorship," he said.

"We have found it quite difficult to convince people to invest in eSports, because it is not well-known."

Fletcher believes now is the time for sponsors to throw some cash at eSports, because the UK scene is "at a very evolving point" with professional teams like Dignitas rising through the ranks.

"But eSports needs more investment and it needs more people to recognise the benefits of this and get on board," he added.

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