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U4iA Games: Activision vets developing "core games for a social audience"

Former Activision and Call of Duty veterans Dusty Welch and Chris Archer have announced the formation of a new studio called U4iA Games.

Pronounced as "euphoria", the first title in development from U4iA is "an online-only, hardcore freemium, first-person social game" with a title and 2012 beta date to be announced, according to the press release.

“Chris and Dusty’s proven track records for developing new IP and hit franchise games like Call of Duty and Spider-Man, combined with their deep understanding of the industry, make U4iA Games the one to watch," said Larry Goldberg, president and CEO at TuneWiki, LLC and former EVP of Activision.

The studio recently raised $1.5 million in funding for development, and is in the process of confirming Series B investments.

“U4iA Games is grounded in the insight that core gamers desire robust, social gaming options on social networks and mobile devices,” said Welch, CEO of U4iA.

“Playtime and dollars are starting to migrate from console to casual and/or mobile gaming and a new segment is emerging – the Hardcore Social Gamer.”

Chris Archer will act as the new firm's CCO, after recently heading up the Bellvue, Washington studio SOE shuttered along with its spy-MMO, The Agency.

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