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Two DLC packs for Quantum Conundrum announced, first hits next week

Square has announced two DLC packs will release for Quantum Conundrum starting July 31.

Here's what will be available:

  • The Desmond Debacle: Opens a new section of the Quadwrangle Manor with puzzles focused on the bird Desmond - July 31 on Steam, August 14 on PSN, August 15 on XBLA ($2.99).
  • IKE-aramba!: Players must rescue Interdimensional Kinetic Entity, a.k.a. IKE in another new wing of the manor - August 28 on Steam, September 11 on PSN, September 12 on XBLA ($2.99).

Quantum Conundrum released on Steam June 21 and laded on consoles earlier this month.

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