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Twitch's new process makes it easier for streamers to appeal flagged content

Twitch has updated its appeals process concerning videos that have been flagged by the audio ID system.

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Towards the end of last year, Twitch introduced a new audio recognition system that scans archived streams and automatically mutes the audio whenever copyright music is identified.

The system has been in-use ever since and Twitch has today added a new appeal process for those who believe their videos were unreasonably hit.

Twitch explained the process in a new blog post. The goal, according to the post, is to better educate streamers about what they can and cannot appeal.

There are a number of reasons streamers could use when filing an appeal. These include misidentification, fair use, cases where the rights holders provided permission for their music to be used.

Initially, the system will be available to all Twitch partners and non-partners whose videos are stored in the HTTP livestreaming format (HLS). The company says that all VODs will be stored in that format going forward, instead of the current Flash Video format (FLV).

Twitch is planning to roll out the system to all members in the coming months.

The full steps, and a look at the new interface can be found through the link.

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