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Twitch is finally coming to Apple TV

Twitch has finally revealed the official app for Apple TV.

For years, Apple TV owners everywhere have been asking for an official Twitch app. So much so that unofficial apps have been competing for that spot for a while.

The announcement was made last week, though went under the radar for many. The app is Twitch's first on tvOS, but it shouldn't be too different in function from the currently available iOS app, save for a few adjustments to fit the bigger screen.

The app is so close, in fact, Twitch is currently making it possible for those interested to test it for themselves. Twitch set up a dedicated help page with instructions on how you can get involved.

It's a simple enough process, though you'll need to install TestFlight first before you can download the beta.

That's about it as far as details, and Twitch sadly has yet to reveal an official release date. Considering this is a public beta, however, the final release is likely around the corner.

Let's just hope it's snappier than its console counterparts.

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