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Turbo Golf Racing coming to PC, Xbox and Game Pass August 4

Golf and cars, why not!

Turbo Golf, the racing / golf hybrid from developers Hugecalf Studios, is set to be released on Steam, Microsoft platforms and Game Pass on August 4. Announced via a swanky new trailer during the Future Games Show, players won’t have long to wait before they can take their skills behind the wheel to an unfamiliar field.

The trailer has also announced that a beta is now playable for those who want to jump in a little early. This can be downloaded on Steam, the Microsoft store, and Xbox consoles, and lasts until June 20 at 10am PT / 6PM BST.

You can watch the Turbo Golf trailer above!

Those who take part in the beta are set to unlock a series of exclusive items in the final game once that finally releases. This includes a beta avatar, wheels, and spoilers so you’ll be able to show off your early adoption of Turbo Golf to others in the game’s future. These items do require you to put in some work though, as they are unlocked through hitting certain level milestones during the beta period.

This beta contains 12 playable courses, online matchmaking with eight players per match, some single player time trailers, beta progression with unlockable rewards, and some community designed cosmetics. The game is set to receive several updates post launch including additional customization options, power cores, and courses.

Will you be downloading the Turbo Golf beta? Let us know below as well as your impressions on the game!

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