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Trump's proposed trade tariff could impact the price of consoles, games in the US

The price of imported video games and consoles in the US could be on the rise, if Trump decides to impose import tariffs.


U.S. President Donald Trump has mentioned before that his administration may impose import taxes on business that do not manufacture their products in the United States.

Although a blanket tariff has yet to be signed, Polygon reports that The Entertainment Software Association ESA is already preparing for the worst, and is working on a plan to deal with such tariff, should one go into effect.

The site sources did not indicate how far the ESA is willing to go, or how big of an impact said tariff would cause to the video games industry.

As Polygon says, a five or ten percent import tax may be imposed on imported products, which would obviously include games developed outside the U.S., as well as consoles. All three major consoles are manufactured in China.

"We are looking into the issue and can provide more information shortly," an ESA spokesperson told the site.

[Image] via Michael Moore.

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