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Tretton casts doubt over PS Vita worldwide release this calendar year

SCEA president Jack Tretton has said that PS Vita will ship this fiscal year worldwide, casting doubt over a Holiday 2011 ship.

When asked by Geoff Keighley during a GTTV E3 live stream if the handheld formerly known as NGP would ship this year globally, Tretton said "yes," referring it'll be out in major regions by the end of Sony's financial year, March 31, 2012.

This points towards the theory that some regions won't get the handheld this year, but he didn't get specific as to who would get it by the end of calendar year 2011.

Tretton's comments add confusion to a situation where it was confirmed last night by SCE boss Kaz Hirai that Vita would launch worldwide "holiday season this year."

It's not the first time similar comments have been made by Tretton: he said a global launch for the machine this year was unlikely right after Vita was unveiled back in January.

In the same interview with Keighley, Tretton hinted at exclusivity issues with Rockstar's Agent.

Ta, EG.

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