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Tree of Saviour, spiritual sequel to Ragnorak Online, hits Steam Greenlight

Last year we heard about the development of Tree of Saviour, a spiritual successor to the hugely popular MMORPG Ragnorak Online, and it's now Greenlit on Steam.

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Developer imcGAMES made the announcement on their blog and the MMORPG is over on Steam Greenlight.

The game looks lovely, and with a soundtrack composed by SoundTeMP, the community is pretty psyched.

So far, we know that there are 80 classes available, stemming from the four base classes (pictured below) which are Swordsman, Archer, Cleric, and Wizard. The open-world is home to over 200 unique bosses and there appears to be plenty of character customisation on offer.

You can watch a couple of trailers, check out screenshots, and get more of a feel for what the game will be like at its Steam Greenlight page.

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