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Transformers Universe studio Jagex hires 19 staff from defunct 007 Legends team

007 Legends developer Eurocom was shuttered last month, and along with it, 42 remaining staff were made redundant. RuneScape developer Jagex has offered 19 jobs to the group to help with development on its next MO title Transformers Universe.

Develop reports that Jagex announced 19 hires from Eurocom's staff pool this morning.

Speaking with Develop, Jagex talent acquisition manager Peter Lovell said, "We were able to find new careers here at Jagex for no less than 19 former Eurocom staff; across technology, design, art, animation and production."

“All have joined the exciting Transformers Universe MMO project and have relocated to our Cambridge HQ. The news of further UK studio closures is always devastating to hear, especially so over the Christmas period. We are very pleased and proud to have been able to help find positions for these guys so quickly within our organisation.

“Our decision to move quickly on this and find new careers for the former Eurocom staff was made easier due to a successful track record of talent influxes following the closures of Real Time Worlds, Bizarre Creations and others.”

What do you make of Eurocom's closure now we've all had time to sleep on it? Was it inevitable given the reception to 007 Legends, or should more have been done to safeguard the studio?

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